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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

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SPOTTERON Empowers Citizen Science in the EFFECTIVE Project

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In the realm of the EFFECTIVE Project, an initiative dedicated to marine restoration and the preservation of ecologically significant habitats in the Mediterranean, a key player emerges: SPOTTERON. At the forefront of innovation, SPOTTERON brings forth its expertise in the development of a groundbreaking Citizen Science App Toolkit, poised to redefine community engagement and scientific collaboration.

EFFECTIVE - Ocean Ecostructures team

Meet our Partners: Ocean Ecostructures, the Catalysts of Marine Regeneration in the EFFECTIVE Project 

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In the complex world of marine conservation, Ocean Ecostructures stands out as a beacon in innovation for the EFFECTIVE project. Using nature-inspired technology, they introduce a carefully designed biomimicry microreef to revive damaged marine structures. Their goal goes beyond just… Read More »Meet our Partners: Ocean Ecostructures, the Catalysts of Marine Regeneration in the EFFECTIVE Project 

Ocean Ecostructures creates a biomaterial to regenerate marine ecosystems

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Catalan company Ocean Ecostructures employs eco-friendly biomaterials to create multilayer micro reefs, fostering marine habitat formation. This innovation, already tested in Vilanova I la Geltrú, aligns with the goals of the EFFECTIVE project, emphasizing the role of technology in accelerating marine conservation. Collaboration is crucial to address emerging marine sustainability challenges.

EFFECTIVE Kick-Off Meeting: Igniting the EFFECTIVE Project’s Wave of Innovation

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In a momentous gathering held in Brussels on June 13-14, 2023, the kick-off meeting of the EFFECTIVE Project marked the beginning of an initiative aimed at safeguarding and rejuvenating the European Union’s Mediterranean Blue Natural Capital. The consortium, spearheaded by Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (CTN), convened to map a course towards a sustainable future, combining innovative science, technological nature-based solutions, digitalisation, and social considerations.