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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs


Understanding the concept of a Digital Twin

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The concept of a Digital Twin represents a cutting-edge approach to ocean conservation, leveraging the explosion of data from various sources and advanced computing technologies. A Digital Twin is essentially a digital replica of a physical entity, enabling users to access high-quality information, services, models, scenarios, forecasts, and visualizations. In ocean conservation, this concept is pursued through initiatives like the EU’s Destination Earth (DestinE) and the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative.

Coral Soul: the partner responsible for deep coral reef restoration in the EFFECTIVE Project

Discover the pioneering efforts of Coral Soul, our esteemed partner within the EFFECTIVE Project, as they lead the charge in deep coral reef restoration in Northern Sardinia. Through innovative underwater methodologies and active community engagement, Coral Soul is dedicated to monitoring, recovering, and conserving the precious Mediterranean gorgonian coral reefs. Meet their passionate team, learn about their cutting-edge techniques, and explore how their work is driving transformative change in marine ecosystems. Stay tuned for more updates on our impactful collaboration with Coral Soul!

Unveiling Insights from the I Summit on Nature-Based Solutions for the Blue Economy 

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The recent I Summit on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for the Blue Economy, organised by the EFFECTIVE project coordinator, Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (CTN), illuminated the critical nexus between environmental sustainability, societal well-being, and economic prosperity. Held on February 28, 2024, at the premises of CTN in Murcia, Spain, the summit served as a pivotal platform for exploring innovative strategies to harmonise economic activities with nature conservation efforts.

Reflecting on Progress: EFFECTIVE Project Consortium Meeting in Murcia 

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On February 27, 2024, the esteemed partners of the EFFECTIVE project gathered at the facilities of the project coordinator, Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (CTN) in Murcia, Spain, for a pivotal consortium meeting. This event marked a significant milestone in our journey towards marine conservation and restoration.

SPOTTERON Empowers Citizen Science in the EFFECTIVE Project

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In the realm of the EFFECTIVE Project, an initiative dedicated to marine restoration and the preservation of ecologically significant habitats in the Mediterranean, a key player emerges: SPOTTERON. At the forefront of innovation, SPOTTERON brings forth its expertise in the development of a groundbreaking Citizen Science App Toolkit, poised to redefine community engagement and scientific collaboration.

Meet our Partners: F6S is the Communication & Dissemination leader of EFFECTIVE

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F6S Innovation takes the helm in driving Communication & Dissemination efforts for the EFFECTIVE Project, spearheading stakeholder engagement and global outreach. With a dedicated team and a commitment to sustainability, F6S is paving the way for impactful change in the realm of Mediterranean Blue Natural Capital management. Meet the faces behind our contributions and discover more about our work. Join us on this journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Understanding Marine Protected Areas

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Our Ocean, covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, plays a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity, regulating climate, and supporting countless livelihoods. However, increasing human activities, overfishing, pollution, and climate change have put immense pressure on marine ecosystems. To address these challenges, the concept of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) has gained prominence as a key strategy for conserving and sustaining the health of our oceans.

Meet our Partners: MARIS, the Marine Data Management pillar for the EFFECTIVE Project

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Explore the collaborative efforts between EFFECTIVE Project and MARIS, a leading organization specializing in Marine and Oceanographic Data Management. Learn about MARIS’s groundbreaking 2D and 3D digital twin development for EFFECTIVE’s Marine Protected Areas, along with their crucial role in marine data management. Meet the faces behind MARIS’ contribution and discover how their dedication to cutting-edge technologies ensures effective conservation strategies and seamless information flow in this European-scale initiative.