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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

EFFECTIVE - Ocean Ecostructures team

In the complex world of marine conservation, Ocean Ecostructures stands out as a beacon in innovation for the EFFECTIVE project. Using nature-inspired technology, they introduce a carefully designed biomimicry microreef to revive damaged marine structures. Their goal goes beyond just restoration; it aims to revive essential ecological species like macroalgae and gorgonians. 

Meet the Ocean Ecostructures Team

Anna Lloveras – CSO and Co-founder, Scientific Director, Biologist specialised in Oceanography 

 Personal perspective: “The implementation of our solutions in the Empordà Sea is a dream come true! Collaborating with brilliant scientists on the EFFECTIVE project allows us to validate regenerative methodologies, create positive impact, and ambitiously evaluate ecosystem services and natural capital.” 

Mireia de Mas – COO and Co-founder, Economist specialised in leadership and coordination 

Personal perspective: “Happy to be part of this consortium. EFFECTIVE is a significant step forward, offering a great commitment to marine sustainability. It’s a fantastic opportunity to contribute to marine regeneration.” 

Maria Reyes – Project Manager, Biologist specialised in environmental management and restoration 

Personal perspective: “Being part of the Effective project is a challenging and exciting opportunity. Contributing to the protection, conservation, and restoration of marine ecosystems, especially in MPAs, aligns with my scientific career and personal goals.” 

Sol Anglada – Project Manager, Biologist specialised in marine and lacustrine science management 

Personal perspective: “Being part of EFFECTIVE is an amazing opportunity to scale restoration actions using nature-based solutions. I look forward to the collaborations and synergies that will elevate ecosystem-based management for MPAs.” 

Laura Jané – Project Manager, Biologist specialised in oceanography and marine environmental management 

Personal perspective: “Participating in EFFECTIVE is a great opportunity to introduce our technology to MPAs and contribute to environmental restoration. I’m eager for the collaborations this project will generate.” 

Ocean Ecostructures Unveiled: Turning Grey Spaces into Havens of Marine Regeneration 

Ocean Ecostructures holds the transformative power to convert grey spaces, such as marine infrastructure, into thriving hubs of marine regeneration. Through active restoration, they enrich biodiversity, paving the way for a healthier marine ecosystem.   

A Voice from Ocean Ecostructures on EFFECTIVE: 

“EFFECTIVE project means a step forward to integrate scientific-based knowledge on the protection of marine ecosystems and threatened species, through a toolbox of Nature-based innovative and technological solutions which we are proud to be part of.”