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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

The EFFECTIVE project is proud to collaborate with ETT, a leading organisation specialising in data management for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean Sea. ETT’s expertise plays a crucial role in registering the project’s impacts and facilitating the replication of successful activities in other regions.

ETT’s Role and Expertise

ETT’s primary role in the EFFECTIVE project is to manage and visualise marine data to ensure precise documentation of the project’s impacts on marine ecosystems. By effectively handling and presenting data, ETT helps to highlight the benefits of restoration activities, raising awareness about ocean preservation and supporting the project’s overarching goals.

Key Team Members from ETT

Antonio Novellino: R&D & Smart Cities Manager

Antonio Novellino coordinates ETT’s team within the EFFECTIVE project. His focus is on achieving the objectives set by EFFECTIVE and ensuring accurate marine data management and visualization. Antonio believes that proper data handling is essential for meeting project goals and demonstrating the positive impacts of restoration activities on marine ecosystems.

Personal Perspective: “As a manager at ETT, I lead a team focusing on accurate marine data collection, management, and visualization. Proper data handling helps us meet our goals and clearly show the benefits of our restoration activities on marine ecosystems.”

Valeria Pizziol: R&D Project Manager

Valeria ensures that all activities planned in the EFFECTIVE project are carried out, keeping coordinators and partners updated through periodic meetings and conferences. Her dedication to continuous and well-managed efforts highlights the importance of coordinated global actions in environmental restoration.

Personal Perspective: “Being part of this project resonates deeply with my belief in the importance of ongoing and well-managed efforts to restore and preserve natural environments. By ensuring that our activities are data-driven, I believe we can make a significant impact on marine ecosystems.”

Marco Alba: R&D Tech Manager

Marco Alba is a senior developer coordinating ETT’s back-end team. In the EFFECTIVE project, he links data collected to EMODnet Physics, contributing to technological advancements and improving data management and analysis efficiency.

Personal Perspective: “Working on the project shows me how advancements in technology and software are continually improving. These developments make our tasks more efficient and significantly help researchers in restoring and preserving natural environments.”

Rachele Bordoni: R&D Project Manager at ETT / PhD Student in Marine Ecology at Università degli Studi di Genova

Rachele Bordoni ensures that all project activities are carried out correctly and on time, updating coordinators and partners in meetings and conferences. Her work in the EFFECTIVE project supports her PhD studies, focusing on developing habitat suitability models and creating a decision support system.

Personal Perspective: “The EFFECTIVE project has been an invaluable resource for me both in my job at ETT and in my PhD. It is crucial to study the environment and its relationship with human activities to provide tools and insights that lead to sustainable decisions to protect our planet.”

Highlight of ETT

ETT boasts extensive experience in managing complex data for European projects and programmes, making them a valuable partner in the EFFECTIVE project.

Statement About the Project

“Our participation in the EFFECTIVE project is very challenging since it contributes to the EU Mission ‘Restore our Ocean,’ one of the biggest environmental goals of the decade. We strongly believe that our experience in data management is a precious source to support the achievement of this goal to ultimately preserve our oceans, combat climate change, and restore marine ecosystems.”

ETT’s involvement in the EFFECTIVE project underscores their commitment to using advanced data management techniques to support marine conservation efforts, ensuring the long-term health and resilience of marine ecosystems. Through their expertise, ETT is helping to drive significant progress in the restoration and preservation of our oceans.