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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

Meet our Partners: MARIS, the Marine Data Management pillar for EFFECTIVE’s Project 

The EFFECTIVE project collaborates with a leading organisation specializing in Marine and Oceanographic Data Management services on a European scale – MARIS.  

MARIS will play a pivotal role in the project by developing a groundbreaking 2D and 3D digital twin of EFFECTIVE’s Marine Protected Areas, coupled with innovative marine data management solutions. 

Main Role 

MARIS’s primary responsibility is to craft a comprehensive demo of 2D and 3D digital twins for EFFECTIVE’s Marine Protected Areas. These digital replicas will serve as powerful tools for visualizing and understanding the marine environment, fostering effective conservation strategies. Furthermore, MARIS will contribute its expertise in marine data management, ensuring a seamless flow of information throughout the project. 

The Faces Behind MARIS’ Contribution 


MARIS has carved a niche for itself by being actively involved in the development and operation of Marine and Oceanographic Data Management services and networks on a European scale like EMODnet, SeaDataNet, Blue-Cloud, JERICO-S3, FAIR-EASE and more. In these projects and programmes MARIS works together with other partners in the domain to make marine data more FAIR, meaning better Findable (in catalogues), Accessible (via user interface and machine services), Interoperable (via harmonised metadata and dataformats), and Reusable (via including e.g. provenance information for the data or product). Their commitment to advancing marine data solutions has positioned them as leaders in the field, making them an ideal partner for the EFFECTIVE project.

“Our project contribution is all about smart ways to handle marine data. We will focus on data management and will use innovative technologies like 2D and 3D digital twins to understand and protect Marine Protected Areas. By doing local studies and using marine models, we’re working together with the projects partners to take better care of our oceans.” 

MARIS’ dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and expertise in marine data management ensures that the collaboration with EFFECTIVE will produce great results, contributing significantly to the protection and preservation of our marine ecosystems.