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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

In this edition of “Meet Our Partners,” we turn our focus to the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), a leader of Pilot 4 in the EFFECTIVE project.  

Pilot 4: Coral Restoration in Cyprus 

CMMI leads Pilot 4, dedicated to breathing life back into threatened species. With a specific focus on the endemic coral species Cladocora caespitosa, Pilot 4 is set to pioneer novel methodologies for the restoration of this species in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Anticipate a groundbreaking approach to marine ecological status assessment, enriching our understanding of marine ecosystems.  

Sustainable Blue Growth Vision 

Going beyond Pilot 4, CMMI envisions steering the course of sustainable Blue Growth. Their commitment extends to addressing the evolving needs of both industry and society in the expansive realms of marine and maritime sectors. This commitment aligns with EFFECTIVE’s overarching goal – the restoration of the EU’s Mediterranean Blue Natural Capital. 

In Harmony with EFFECTIVE’s Pillars 

CMMI isn’t merely a partner; they’re a dynamic force championing the pillars of the EFFECTIVE project. With a shared goal of realizing a comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Management System (EBMS), CMMI brings passion and expertise to the table, making significant contributions to the success of our marine conservation initiative.