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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

Barcelona recently played host to the Smart City Expo World Congress. This event stands out as the world’s most extensive and influential event in urban innovation, connecting leaders from innovative companies, governments, and organizations. It serves as a platform where these entities collaborate to steer cities toward a more promising and sustainable future.

Amidst the bustling three-day program, a noteworthy side event took center stage – Tomorrow. Blue Economy, the worldwide summit committed to fostering and advancing the potential of the Blue Economy. The objective is to unite professionals and businesses that are influential in the field, highlighting the interconnectedness of the environment, society, and economy. This is achieved through an emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and education.

Spearheaded by two EFFECTIVE Partners, Rafael Sardá, Senior Research Scientist at CSIC, and Anna Lloveras Armengol, Chief Science Officer and Cofounder of Ocean Ecostructures, the Coastal Biodiversity Regeneration & Blue Carbon session delved into the pivotal role of digitalization, technology, innovation, and data in conserving and regenerating nearshore marine biodiversity and ecosystems in and around cities.

Beyond the spotlight on Coastal Biodiversity Regeneration & Blue Carbon session, the Tomorrow. Blue Economy event at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona witnessed active participation from a spectrum of EFFECTIVE partners in various sessions. Noteworthy contributors included Noelia Ortega, the visionary CEO of Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar – CTNIgnasi Ferrer Pellicer, the Executive Director and Founder of SEASTAINABLE VENTURESRick Wall, at the helm of IMPACT2DAY, and Giulia Dapueto, Project Manager at ETT S.p.A.

Moreover, Barcelona witnessed the prominent presence of various EFFECTIVE Partners, with notable contributions from entities such as EURECATSeabots, and Ocean Ecostructures. These organizations played a significant role in showcasing their expertise and innovative solutions at the event.