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Enhancing social well being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

CTN Meet our Partners campaign

CTN takes the helm in the EFFECTIVE project, steering its general coordination, raising awareness about the project’s importance among citizens, and nurturing lasting relationships among civil society actors. Their focus: Intelligent solutions for more sustainable seas.

EFFECTIVE’s Goal: Enhancing Well-being and Prosperity Through Sustainable Marine Management

EFFECTIVE strives to boost societal well-being and economic prosperity by strengthening the management of protection and restoration in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. Sustainable actions and smart technologies form the backbone of this mission.

Meet the CTN Team

Natalia Preciado: Marine Conservation Expert 

Project Manager Natalia Preciado orchestrates the strategy, efficient work package management, and stakeholder collaboration needed for a sustainable future.

Personal Perspective: Marine conservation and restoration are pivotal for our planet. These efforts maintain ecological balance, preserve biodiversity, and enable the ocean to fulfill essential functions. Managing marine conservation projects is an environmental responsibility and an investment in a healthier, more prosperous future. The restoration projects within EFFECTIVE allow us to actively contribute to this critical cause.

Rosa Martínez: Data Science Manager 

As the Technical Coordinator Project and Data Scientist at EFFECTIVE, Rosa plays a vital role in coordinating technological partners, bridging the gap between monitoring and technological works, and developing predictive models for informed decision-making in Ecosystem-Based Management.

Personal Perspective: Safeguarding and restoring oceans and ecosystems is an imperative in our lives. With EFFECTIVE, I’m excited to integrate science and technology-driven nature-based solutions, developing spatial and temporal models through habitat mapping and predictive modeling, ultimately creating a Digital Twin of the Ocean.

Juan Carlos Sanz: R&D Technician in Data Science 

Juan Carlos takes on the role of Data Scientist, focusing on data management and advanced modeling tools like habitat mapping and predictive ecosystem modeling.

Personal Perspective: This represents a significant leap forward, integrating models into the Digital Twin framework for informed decisions based on habitat needs. In a time of alarming human-induced degradation and pollution of the marine ecosystem, this development is crucial.

Pilar Meroño: European Project Technician 

Pilar is the Administrative for Technical European Projects. She ensures the smooth coordination and administrative aspects of EFFECTIVE, enabling efficient project management.

Personal Perspective: Being part of EFFECTIVE is a significant role in my career. I may not be directly involved in science and technology, but I’m proud to contribute to this noble project. Our mission to develop a knowledge base for the protection and restoration of the EU’s Mediterranean Blue Natural Capital is both admirable and necessary.

Mila Aniorte: Communications Manager 

As the Communications Manager at CTN, Mila’s role at EFFECTIVE is to raise awareness in society about the importance of rehabilitating marine ecosystems for the well-being of the planet and human beings.

Personal Perspective: Being part of EFFECTIVE is both a professional challenge and a personal responsibility. Involving different civil society actors in the protection of nature, especially the seas and oceans, is a special mission—taking care of people and guaranteeing their future.

Ivan Felis: Head of R&D 

Ivan, as the Head of R&D at CTN and the Technical Project Manager of EFFECTIVE, plays a crucial role in aligning CTN’s interests regarding marine conservation and restoration. He seeks opportunities to promote these initiatives through innovative, digital approaches.

Personal Perspective: In the midst of the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, I’m proud to lead a marine conservation and restoration project like EFFECTIVE, collaborating with an exceptional European consortium that shares our passion for marine environment protection.

LinkedIn: Ivan Felis

Noelia Ortega: CEO 

Noelia serves as CEO of CTN and Program Manager for Technical European Projects.

Personal Perspective: EFFECTIVE reinforces CTN’s commitment to the sustainability of the marine environment. It’s a great opportunity to work with European leaders in this field, gain in-depth knowledge of the challenges we face, and mobilize resources for technology development organizations.

At EFFECTIVE, we’re fortunate to have CTN as a coordinator, working collaboratively toward our shared goal of a thriving Mediterranean marine ecosystem. Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our dedicated team.